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Friday, 25 May 2012

Moving Up in the World, Selling a Home to Get Something Bigger

Life is full of surprises and adventures and some of these make it necessary to make some major changes in our living environments. The addition of a spouse, children, or taking on relatives can require you to get more space than your current home provides. Sometimes your family doesn't change but your financial circumstances allow for a bigger and better home. Preparation is important when it comes to making any new home decision. 

Research the areas that are available near your work or school, these can vary drastically from block to block. There are some postcodes that just have more to offer than others. The quality of local schools will be a concern for those looking to become parents and crime rates may also be an important factor when making the decision of where to buy. Look at what types of homes are in the area, are they the size and type that families will be buying or are they primarily single bedroom or small rental style homes. This information will help you to create a pleasant environment for your children to grow up in. Are there parks and recreational activities nearby for you to take advantage of.

The price of houses in the area are going to be a factor as well, and this can be a make it or break it part of the situation. When looking for something bigger and better the assumption is going to be that it will likely also be more expensive. Hopefully the move is due to financial gains and this aspect of the equation won't be a problem.

Selling your home can be very financially beneficial if the market has gotten stronger since you purchased. Your equity will likely become a down payment for the new home. If the new home has to be valued about the same as the one you are letting go, a change in community can make up for the difference in size. When you are balancing a sale and purchase at the same time, your home offer can include a stipulation for the sale of your current home to protect you from being stuck with two mortgages if you cannot afford them both. Many sellers don't want to accept this kind of offer, but if they are not in a huge hurry, it may work out for you.

Take all the necessary steps to ensure that your home is in the most visually appealing state as possible by deep cleaning, removing personal items, and hiring a professional staging company. Your real estate agent will show your home using open houses and a variety of marketing strategies. With every possible advantage in your pocket, your home sale and move will be successful.

When looking to make the big move up in the world, take your time, and be sure that the home you choose has all, or at least most of the features that you see yourself needing. Making a home purchase is typically at least a five year commitment. 

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