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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Buying a Home: Where to Start?

If you are a first time home buyer or haven’t purchased a home in many years, getting the process of buying a home started can be a challenge.  There are many steps involved in buying a home that most first time home buyers are not aware of.  Listed below are a few tips that will help prepare you for the obstacles along the way. 

How’s your credit score? 
If you plan on financing your new home, you will need to ensure that your credit score is up to par.  A bank will not loan you money if you have a bad credit score or not credit score at all. Be sure that you can prove that you are reliable and able to pay for a loan.

Sell your existing property first 
If you already own your own home then you really need to try and sell this property before even looking for a new home. You can often have the house of your dreams slip through your fingers becuase your own home has not yet sold and you are stuck in a chain. If you need to move fast to secure that dream house then consider selling your property at slightly less than market value to a cash for homes buyer, who can usually complete the same within a fortnight.

Choose a home
While it is good to get preapproved by a bank before you begin searching for a home, you can’t actually start the process until you have chosen the home. Focus on finding a home at a good value so that your monthly payments will be less.  Have a price range in mind so that you know what homes you can afford. 

Contact a buying agency
If you don’t know where to start, a buying agency has people ready and willing to assist you with your needs.  A buying agency will also be able to show you current homes for sell and help you make a good decision as to how much you should pay for homes on the market.  

Do you have enough money saved?   
It takes money to buy a home.  A down payment and closing costs will be an important part of the process. Many people have to save for years before they are able to buy a home. Be sure that you have plenty of money saved up before you make the choice to buy a home.  It will be hard to buy a home with little or no money in the bank.  

Buying a home is a big step 
The financial responsibility is often too much for some to bear.  Listed above are a few tips on buying a home.  From choosing a home at a good value to ensuring that you have enough money saved to make the purchase, these tips will help you get started with the home buying process.  Consider contacting a buying agency to give you all the details on how to purchase a home.